Who We Are.

No frills

We develop a strong understanding of your business goals then we design a digital marketing strategy that will deliver on those goals within a budget that works. We price our time so that we are accessible to small & medium companies who need professional digital services.

Someone to lean on

We understand what it takes to operate a small business. Net Impact is a company built on its abillity to fit as a member of your team. We are here when you need us to help you understand what's expected in the digital space.

Small But Mighty

In the last 11 years we have met, collaborated with and hired many skilled professionals. Social media mavens, programmers/app developers and UX pros are always at our fingertips. If you think a certain project piece is not within our realm, please ask us before hiring someone else. Chances are good we will know the person or people you have in mind, and our experience working with them will be of great value.

Jennifer Robinson

"Small business owners are among the most interesting and hard working people. I am fortunate not only to work with these people everyday, but lucky enough to call many of them my friends."

Sarah Robinson

"I love what I do, it changes every day. Helping small business owners be proud of their digital presence and digital marketing is a fun and rewarding job."

Marilyn Munroe

Marilyn is the head of business development department. Her wealth of knowledge and personable nature make her an integral part of the Net Impact team. She uses a keen eye for business when approaching new clients and sets the ground work for successful campaigns and projects.