Web Development.

We are known for developing optimized and engaging websites at an affordable price. 

Web Development Halifax

A most powerful tool.

When preparing for a web development project we ask clients to keep a few things in mind:

Have a goal: be specific or risk sacrificing conversions..

Hone your message: convey quickly and with purpose.

Be delicious: give your customers something to chew on with video, imagery and design.

Typical web development projects range between $5k-$25k. Clients are surprised how far a modest budget can take them in the Open Source environment.

Web Development Halifax

The Content Strategy

It starts with the Goal, which could be building credibility in a B 2 B market, instilling trust in a service based sector or looking the part as an e-retailer. No matter the goal, content's role is to support it. Today content takes many shapes: text, images, docs, videos and the list goes on.

Key things we look at when developing content strategies for our clients: Target Market, Demographics, Online Behaviour and Delivery.

Web Development Halifax

The UX Battle

UX is key to conversions. If visitors have to 'look' for the information that matters most, there's a problem. A successful user experience ensures customers are satisfied, satisfaction results in positive indicators (sales.)

Mobile UX

With Open source software we can customize the mobile experience, streamline content and make choices simpler on the smaller screens.

Web Development Halifax

Visual Design

We don't create websites for artistic purposes, we create websites for business purposes. We find the best way to tell your business' story—visually and interactively—in a way that best suits the audience and customer behaviour.